GH2 Function editor wishes

The function editor is awesome.
I would add a few things to improve its usability.
1- Function names: Arbitrary names for functions that are retreivable as metadata on the output. This way we could have a centralized function editor for multiple functions.
2- Function manager: A list of the available functions sorted by name that allows to turn on or off the display of the function, group them and organize them.
That’s it for now

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Yep, those both sound like good ideas.

In the meanwhile, did you know you can create a function using the Value object?

Not quite what you asked for, but if you like functions this is a pretty elegant way to construct them.

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Great! I was missing some component to visualize the functions… the panel of course.
3. For finite functions it would be great to have pre and post behaviour. Constant, repeat, ping pong, repeat offset… Basically you define a function with a few grips and then decide what happens before and after. Hopefully it makes sense.
4. Values for grips. Display the XY position for the selected grip(s) and allow to define them by number inputs for added precision in the function editor. I see that snapping helps a lot, but it only allows to select one grip. With a numerical input you could select several grips and set the same X or Y value at once.
5. Functions transformations such as Flip and scale NU. Also should work with grips.