GH2 data/model and why not enhanced GUI ideas

It would be great to create a workspace in GH2 where you can

  • create a db record of a setting from a group of fields… browse these after… Document each too and allow search of a keyword to find a variation on a theme… Or script on the DB of variants to create an ulterior model - like modeling room by room and create a ‘global’ home.

The benefit is that one GH file can showcase the variants and you dont have to fiddle settings to refind your variations AND you dont needs 20 clones of your 20 parameter fields across the workspace…

Like good old Hypercard, you enhance the model with data sets that are easy to browse, edit data or script live.

You could extend this to the scripts to keep versioning/branching long term… Instead of keeping a new file by file version of your script evolution that takes forever to browse…

Much like grouping of modules keeps your workspace less cluttered, you could keep ‘cards’ of scripts which would be easier to review (and preview while searching or tweaking) (plus an obvious nice view of IO’s between modules/records in a master workspace… And here i dont want to meddle yet :slight_smile:

Like Hypercard, it would be awesome to create a nice ‘GUI’ for the data records (FLStudio like…)

Hope my thoughts are comprehensible. Im a designer, data scientist, storage nut and not an architect or industrial designer but i think you might see the gain in IDE/development and even model variations benefits. Some use excel sheets or BIM (still alien to me) to do their models, how useful can this be?

I :heart_eyes: GH!

Do you mean something like States in gh1? They don’t have great UI, but it sounds like the basic idea is there.

That might be it (have not explored this feature). Although in other cases having a list field to select items from a list might also be useful (index of states for example).

You can pack a lot of info within a card. Easy to clone, sort, delete, report…

vs this

Maybe it just needs a module…