Gh1.0 have a BUG?

Hello, everyone! ,I come from anshun, China. I have a question for you.

A same file test in gh1.0 version and gh090076 version, I use a " equality" wtih “creat set” solver,but it is have two solution.I think gh090076 is correct.
So, I think it’s a bug…
Can you help me? (47.7 KB)

Why are you grafting the output of CSet? It looks like you want to cull duplicate surfaces/curves?

Or you can do it this way:


  • Thank you, you’re right, I want to cull duplicate surfaces,Grafting CSet is to combine the same surfaces into a list. Your second way is better understood.

Grafting caused the code to break. What is the bug you are referring to in this thread title?

Instead of checking for duplicate areas, you can check for duplicate Area ‘C’ (Centroids), and CullPt (Cull Duplicate Points) handles that well - the last version below: (47.9 KB)

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