GH Style objects - Pick Object?

Hi there.

I wanted to ask if there was a way already, or if it would be possible to implement a pick object option within grasshopper styles? It would open up a bunch of abilities. I created a really fast example of this:

The Change happens after I run VaUpdate
Create (10.8 KB)

But there’s a bunch of possibilities with having an ability to reference geometry within VisualARQ components.

Hi @rheinason,

That’s already possible. You can use a Curve Param or Brep Param input components, and VisualARQ will allow you pick a curve or a brep from the properties panel:


Here is an small definition for a custom GH Element that creates a pipe object. Just create a new Element Style from a GH definition, and set “Curve” and “Radius” parameters to be defined by Object.

image (4.3 KB)

Let me know if that is what you were asking for.