GH Style Inputs

Hello, a wish of mine:

Please allow Curve input for multiple curves. I made my definition in a way, that it will take multiple curves as a flattened list and do its job. If I need to input every curve separately I am restricted to some numbers or I need to make very messy GH Style with a lot of unused Inputs.
It is very time-consuming to set e.g. 6 inputs and wait for the recompute every time.


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Agree! The way of creating VA custom style is very limited at the moment. In many cases, it does not work. It should be changed to be similar to that of creaing cluter of GH so that we can have more various imput parameters but VA can recognize what geometries are actual input parameters


I agree as well. I have already added your votes to this issue in our wishlist.


Sometimes I forget that I already wished for something years ago and find my own wish topics. Please add it to the Visual ARQ 3. It’s very important.