GH Solid operations bugged?

Using Trim Solid, Solid Difference and Solid Union in Grasshopper 1.0 and Rhino 6 I get very weird solutions.

-Trim Solid with Closed breps earlier returned me a closed brep yesterday trimmed but today it’s an open brep (???)
-Solid Difference seems to be making what Solid Union is supposed to do
-Solid Union is making what Solid Difference is supposed to do
-If I bake the closed breps into Rhino the solid booleans work fine and correctly

Any thoughts on this? Seems not to be working correctly and is a pain in my ass :confused:
Sadly I can’t post my entire script here but I don’t think it’ll make a difference in this case. (22.3 KB)

Some of the breps return negative volumes. Could it be so that the surface normals are pointing in an inverse direction?

Hi Rasmus,

what version of Rhino are you on?

Rhino 6

I found the culprit. For some reason this python script makes some of the breps in negative volume. (35.7 KB)