GH: Self-Contained Enhanced Documentation Via ImageDisplay

I would like to directly paste images (from clipboard) to canvas. Is there any component supporting this?

Sometimes I want to illustrate what part of a definition is doing (or is meant to do…) and then having a picture beside the component groups illustrating the goal or strategy, is just gold (currently using Imagegallery, but… read on.
Typically screenshots would serve this purpose well in most cases, so screenshots should be possible to be immediately pasted onto the canvas and the image would ideally insert itself into a image frame of sorts.

Let’s call it “ImageDisplay”.

Possibly the Image Gallery component could be enhanced to receive Copy-Pasted images (currently only supporting Drag-Drop images, apart from other severe limitations). I actually use the ImageGallery for single illustration/documentation images beside component groups for now, but its limitations are bothersome slowing down the workflow significantly.

Summary of ImageGallery enhancements suggested below.


Ideally the individual ImageDisplay’s could also be feed into ImageGallery components (Merge constraining the display order) for making slideshows serving as step-by-step illustrations in one place using the outspread ImageDisplay’s to “summarize” what the definition is doing as a whole (or, meant to be doing… )

Enhancing The Gallery Component

The existing Gallery component would benefit greatly from immediatley adding the following enhancements in order to become useful for slideshows:

  • Delete individual LocalImages (not possible now, need to create a new gallery!)
  • Reorder LocalImages (same here, need to create new gallery to reorder… no good, no good)
  • Same options for url’s I suppose (I have’t used url’s though)

More Wishes which would be extremely helpful when arrangeing self-contained documentation slide-shows as mentioned above:

  • Feed N ImageGalleries into (other) ImageGalleries (order matters)
  • Feed N ImageDisplay’s into ImageGalleries (order matters, so Merge should support it)

An ImageDisplay should be able to be updated with a new image by Copy-Pasting a new image into it when selected (thus preserving its guid).

// Rolf

Example of how i use ImageGallery for now (but as indicated, it’s clumsy, and it could become so much more useful if they could receive copy-paste, be chained, modified etc)

Fig.1. Images illustrating what component groups are doing (or meant to do):

// Rolf

Ping @DavidRutten.

// Rolf