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(Mesrop Andriasyan) #1

How should we reference Grasshopper and plug-ins in scientific articles?


As usual I can’t quite get what you mean.

Articles that have grasshopper plugins in them?


some scientific algorithm presented in an article and you wish to implement that algorithm in grasshopper?


you want to create a plugin based on that algorithm for grasshopper?

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(Luis Fraguada) #3

(Mesrop Andriasyan) #4

First one is the closest)) I’m writing an article where I use Grasshopper and some plug-ins. I wonder how will be the correct way to reference them (bibliography, footnotes etc.).


Personally I don’t think you’re obliged to do so.

Just the logo of Rhino and Grasshopper (and any other plugin you use) could be enough.

If you use the documentation, you can add it as a reference. With link to RhinoCommon and Grasshopper online documentation.

(Luis Fraguada) #6

You can check the proceedings of conferences like Fabricate (open access pdf) for examples.

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(Graham) #7

Hi Mesrop,
I think this is an open question. The link below discusses some of the issues. If the code is open source then you can reference a specific build. Some academic institutions offer the possibility of creating unique identifiers for this purpose or I think you can use OCI for free.