GH rectangular array loses textures when baking

When I use the rectangular array component and pick an object that has textures applied GH looses the texturing of the model when baked.
What a show stopper hope there is a workaround for this, currently this makes GH useless and I have to use regular Rhino.

It’s nothing to do with rectangular array, all objects that are imported from Rhino into Grasshopper have their non-geometric data stripped (layer, name, material, texture mappings, …). Grasshopper only deals with the geometric aspects.

In that case the only way is to work with GUID and rhino objects (you can reference rhino objects with all attributes with guid component), but here you would need to rely on some plugins that deals with your problem or get into scripting.

Ah ok I remember now why I stopped using GH on this project.
This is a pretty bad limitation and I don’t see how you can simply ignore it? Can’t you at least add a switch at bake time to retain textures at least for this component. Why would someone want to use this if textures are stripped? Makes using all those nice array tools and scripts tools in GH useless for many jobs that need to retain textures.

Thanks Petras I’m back to rhino and using native rectangular array there, works for me. I don’t have time to waste on this project with the above and using extra plugins. I think it’s a joke that these components don’t have a texture option by now.

Human and Elefront do this very easily, well worth a gander.

Thanks I’ll take a look. But I feel this should be a switch in the bake parameter of Gh and should be addressed by now if David can’t do that he should include a component that does this not make us download another component for this simple thing.