Gh named view selection by mean of scroll mouse button

HI ,

I am having a very hard time to move up and down the saved view list when i have a long list ( i.e. exceeding the screen height ) on GH canvas. this is a common situation on massive scripts and not being able to easily select the needed view is frustrating.

wish nr.1 : I wonder : could it be possible / useful to add possibility to use scroll mouse button to move up and down the list ? this looks much faster and efficient if compared to the only one current chance I.e. to click on the 2 arrows

wish nr.2 : another wish for the saved view management would be in my opinion to have a chance to add 1 sublayer to the saved view list…that would allow to organize the view management by areas and each area would have it’s specific subviews

I am just wondering/wishing



This is a tool with Windows form for cases like this; i will share it later

Old post ! (after 5 years :smile: )