GH: Making two values = Point, how?


This Q may seem too simple, but I just failed to make a point from two “naked” values (assuming Z = 0).

How do I make my two precious values into a point?

// Rolf


Seems to work here… the compose point component has default values of 0 in all inputs…


Hm, I found a Pt2Num component, which has a Num2Pt companion, but they have the same default names. Difficult to spot the difference

But the Pt component seems a better choice. Thanks!

// Rolf


This is definitely a primary component. The companion DeconstructPt component is its inverse for extracting X, Y, Z coordinates from points - also primary.



This is the kind of valuable info that a newbie like me needs - which components to go for first hand.

Very much appreciated.

// Rolf


You can also use [Expression]:


This is Gold, Marcus.


// Rolf


neat… i didn’t know that about planes via expressions… pretty sure i’ll make use of this one.