GH Mac, black screen when space bar is pressed

Trying to follow that GH python intro course here… I stumble into a big bug before the 1st minute of the course passed.
pressing space bar on the GH canvas turns the whole gh screen black with a polite explanation that space bur used to be for the radial manu but this has changed. the only thing left is the python editor window. only thing left to do is closing rhino, [as far as I could find]
it looks like this. and it is repeatable here. And on an empty new file with Rh7 7.1.20337.05002.

thanks a lot.

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Hi Akash-

I’m having trouble reproducing this one here, but I’m probably being dense.

I’m on macOS Big Sur.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Launching Rhino 7 for Mac (7.1.20338.11002), starting a new modeling window, and running Grasshopper.
  2. I place a GH Python script component on an empty grasshopper canvas.
  3. I double click the component to open the Grasshopper Python Script Editor.
  4. I place my cursor in the Grasshopper window and left-click to make it active and “key.”
  5. I press the space key.

Expected behavior: A polite message about radial behavior appears, I click it to make it disappear.
Actual behavior: Same as expected.

What are we doing differently?

Hi Dan.
I can not reproduce it again today… Strange, Yesterday I tried a few times and it all went black as in the screen shot.
I’ll report if it happens again.
[the only difference here is that I’m still on 10.15.7. with Rh4Mac 7.1.20337.05002, 2020-12-02]

thanks a lot

I know how that goes! Thanks for trying again.

Hi Dan
this black screen happened again just now, In the WIP 8

GH disappeared and it won’t relaunch. Rhino let open a new doc, but I can’t open Gh from it either.
there’s a black space between the 2 [empty] rhino docs where gh was.
I haven’t closed rhino wipe’s yet, perhaps if you see this and suggest what can be checked before closing the WIP.

thanks a lot

Sorry, I think I saw this way too late to be helpful here. Not sure what is going on. Can you consistently reproduce this in the RhinoWIP or is this another one of those “not sure what I did” type occurances?