GH/Karamba: mirror an object and delete original?

Is there a way to delete the original(s) once you have mirrored points and lines (and later lines to beam) with Transform? In Rhino it works to make a mirrored copy and then delete the parent, but in GH it doesn’t seem possible. Any idea?

Hi @ingemar,

if you simply turn off the display of the components you do not wish to see then they will not be visible. You cannot “delete” items in Grasshopper.

Please remove the Karamba tag from this post as this is a general grasshopper question.

Hi Mattam,
I thought redundant objects (in this case the parent to the mirrored stuff) would reduce the Karamba calculated response to loads; even if the display is switched off.
Or, is it like how kids reason: if you don’t see it, it does not exist?

Hi @ingemar, components that are not fed directly into the Karamba components will not affect the calculation time of the Karamba components. It may be that it slows up your entire script, but I would say a mirror component would not significantly affect the performance. You can turn on the Profiler to see how long the components take to calculate - Profiler Widget