GH: How to Import Cluster from File?


I failed to import a Cluster from file.

  1. I created a Cluster (Orig) and
  2. embedded a copy (FCopy) in another cluster,
  3. then I modified that copy (FCopy)
  4. and saved it on disk as file FCopy.ghcluster.

After a while I deleted the first Cluster (Orig) and tried to import the file version (FCopy), but I couldn’t import the cluster by dragging the .ghcluster file over the GH canvas in Rhino5.

Is there another way to import clusters into an existing GH model in RH5?

// Rolf

Possibly there might be a requirement of a script, or it could be possible to do this, if there was no password, etc. Only way to tell is if you attach the cluster. @RIL