GH hanging for a few seconds when changing anything

In case it’s useful for others, here I describe a problem and the fix.

A fairly simple GH model was working fine while developing it, but then it got into a state where any operation - for example, just reconnecting the same wire from a trivial series to a panel - would take 4-5 seconds. This happened even with the solver disabled. I resorted to making a backup of the .gh file, then I tried gradually deleting chunks of components. Eventually, with just the trivial Series hooked up to a panel, it worked properly again. Then I found that undoing the last delete actually didn’t hang either. So I then started with the whole (hanging) model again, selected everything, then did Cut followed by Paste - and now it works without hanging. So somehow it got into a bad state which was fixed by doing a cut and paste of all the components.

Disable Auto Save and check again.

Interesting hint at the austosave. thnx.

however I can second that experience with copying everything into a new file. Had a situation when this was the only fix. Isn’t something I encountered very often though. maybe 2-3 times

Re autosave - if it gets into the same state again, I’ll check in case that changes the behaviour, although I wouldn’t want to disable autosave always. It would be useful for diagnosing the apparent bug, as it would show if the delay was related to save operations in conjunction with some dodgy state.