GH errors loading and opening Karamba with last Rhino6 update

Hi, new here

I just updated to las rhino6 version and GH is throwing me errors like this

the errors come from Karamba plug-in I guess

many thanks

@curtisw what could cause an The Eto.Forms Application is already created error like this? Is it just a plug-in installing and running their own Eto distribution?

@DavidRutten It would be anyone creating a new Eto.Forms.Application in their plugin, which is incorrect in v6 (but was necessary in v5 windows because it didn’t include Eto). Doing this (or re-initializing Eto’s Platform) will cause other crashing issues with Rhino-specific functionality, so I have opted to crash early instead to find the troublesome plugins.

Thanks. So it seems you need a Rhino6 version of Karamba @tiralinies.

Hi @tiralinies

we have recently a few users who have the same problem.
Can you let us know which version of Rhino and which Karamba version you are trying to install?


There are currently three versions of Karamba3D: the one for Rhino 5 comes with its own ETO library and creates a new Eto.Forms.Application on start-up.
The Rhino6 and Rhino7 versions of Karamba3D co-use ETO which comes with Rhino and do not create a new Eto.Forms.Application.
Dear @tiralinies please download and install the Rhino6 version of Karamba3D from e.g.

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i have the same error message coming up. I’m using Rhino6 and actually downloaded the karamba3D for Rhino6 and most components are working just a few this error shows up.
What could be the reason?


Hi Nine,
place a Karamba3D license-component on the canvas and connect its input to a ‘Panel’-component. You should see the following:
If the Rhino-version is not mentioned, Grasshopper still loads the wrong version of Karamba3D. In that case uninstall Karamba3D manually, search your hard disk for ocurrances of ‘karamba.gha’ and delete them. Then reinstall Karamba3D.
Does this work?