GH doesn't update if curves moved in Rhino?

New to Rhino 6 for Mac Grasshopper but strange thing is happening: after I have set the curves in Rhino to reference in GH and generated something from them, weirdly, if I

move the curve in Rhino, the reference stays with the old curve location.

Has something changed here? Is there a history or view setting I don’t know about in Rhino 6 GH?

If you put the mouse over the curve parameter and “Referenced curve” appears, then it looks like a bug. If the word referenced does not appear, then you have internalized the curve and have to reference the curve again in Rhino.

Thanks Dani,
Attached is what I got.
I had literally not done anything apart from reference the curve and then dragged the original to see if it was still happening.

Restarted Rhino and now it seems fine