GH - Determine User Selected vertices in Script?[Solved]

Q: So, can I determine User Selected Mesh Vertices or Edges (or any object really) from a GH Script component?

I understand that the actual user selection can be done in a Rhino Plugin command, but what I want is to detect the result of such user interaction from a GH component.

What I want to do
What I want to do with the selection is to examine selected vertices on a mesh and do some further processing on the adjacent MeshFaces.

Related post
This relates to my question in this post about selecting MeshFaces (I also just realized that @clement had posted a solution for selecting faces which can be initiated on the Rhino side).

// Rolf

Ups, i’ve answered in the other thread about that user selection…


That’s OK. Your script and GH definition solved my problem (link to your solution)

Many thanks.

// Rolf