GH covid19 3D interactive graph CHARETTE (Edward Tufte style)?

coming over from the old school GH forums so advance apologies if this is in the wrong place or off topic. but i have been following the east coast maker space forums on facebook where they have been basically full time charetting to come up with “makerspace made” protective gear. very interesting process.

and i cannot get my mind off the idea that there must be a way to produce a “Edward Tufte-esque” high content 3D chart of this coronavirus crises and to publish it for a real time accessible and interactive use in shape divers or something. something that would combine more variables into a 3D chart for intuitive professional or “civilian” use.

like even adding one more variable in the Y direction for a fully 3D graphic to some of these charts seems like it would be useful?!

i’m thinking something like one of edward tufte’s 3D charts in one of his books but i am not smart enough to know if this could be done. anyone think this is worthwhile enough to set up a facebook group for or a group mailing list?

the makerspace folks are coming up with great stuff and it is quite interesting.

edward tufte:

anyway, thanks for the read. hit me up here or with a message if you’d like to see if this could be realized.