GH: Baking Mesh + Point at the same time fails

Does anyone else experience the problem that baking with the same command doesn’t seem to bake a mesh and a point together, instead they have to be baked separately (first the mesh and then the point)?

Fig 1: Trying to bake both objects in one go fails:

image (4.0 KB)

(Gh 1.0.0007, Rh 6.17.19196)

// Rolf

To have multi-bake, you need to have right click on the blank canvas instead of single component.


Haha, thank you, why didn’t I think of that?

One good thing about Grasshopper is that you are encouraged to use your wildest imagination to get some essential things to work. :wink:

// Rolf

Since every GH user, at least after a certain point, is essentially self-taught, there exist vexing gaps in knowledge which they might not become aware of for years. With myself as an example, you can come up with workarounds and use them successfully in project after project, only to find out there’s always been a much more elementary solution.