GH ArrayCurve doesn't adhere to curve

Hi all GH experts out there,

I’m trying to array some Breps along a curve (green/A) but the GH component doesn’t seem to regard the orientation of the curve, instead it draws the Breps as if the curve were rotated as the red curve (B) in the picture below. Why is this?

I understand that as a workaround I can rotate the input curve as to become aligned with A, but is this as designed or a bug in the component? (Rhino 5).

Fig. 1. ArrayCurve (Red/B) not following input Curve (green/A) :

// Rolf

Since the component only accepts the curve, the shape and the number of copies, there’s no way for you to specify a source reference frame for the operation. As such, the geometry is assumed to already be oriented correctly for the first array element.

The way to think about the Array Along Curve is that the component generates N perpendicular frames along the curve. The spatial relationship between the first frame (at the start of the curve) and the location of your geometry is kept intact for all subsequent frames. So the distance and angle between the text dot (A) and the red tube at the Y axis is actually very relevant.

You’ll have to position your geometry correctly for the first frame in the curve array.

OK, I rotated the input Brep, no problem.

// Rolf