GH and Rhino display lost contact

GH and Rhino display lost contact overnight. Without any action the Karamba roof structure definition in GH no longer connects to the display in Rhino. Wires turned orange and the lines made to beams disappeared (only simple lines left in Rhino)
Any explanation? How do I “enable solver” suggested in anoter post?

Hi again,
I did “Recompute” in GH and the whole thing came back!
However, there is a red border now in GH. Why?


Mouse button click > Enable Solver ?

Grateful to have fixed the probllem with your help.
Just curious to understand more about Solution/Enable Solver. How, does it work?
I miss a solid User Manual for Grasshopper. Maybe you can hint how to get?

It’s just that, enable or disable the solver. If it is disabled, nothing will be calculated. This is especially handy if you open scripts that you don’t know, or know to be slow, so that you can disable some components before running the entire solution

This is a good place to start