GH and product design

Was wondering if people are using Grasshopper for product development? Plastic product development that is, something that has a case such as a computer mouse. Everything you see with GH is usually architectural. :no_mouth:

Everything you see with GH is usually architectural. :no_mouth:

Not really, I see more products designed with gh than anything (even from architects). But you know it is just a tool, you can use it to make whatever you want as gh is not explicitly for architecture.

Yes, I work with GH for jewelry and industrial/product design mainly.
I’m not sure why GH’s most popular sector is in architecture, I think because of the creative/experimental/innovation profile they have in general or maybe because it’s taught at universities… But what GH offers better than the rest of the software makes it more interesting for product design in my opinion, because it meets almost all the needs of this area of design.


IMO, it’s because most professionals which took part in GH evolution were Architects. They still do, which is worrying for other industries’ requirements will be neglected.

@intuitionusa, I use GH for Naval Architecture and Ship/Boat design, and more…

I’m not sure why GH’s most popular sector is in architecture

I think because product design has much more and stricter patents, copyrights, trade secrets, proprietary methods. The stuff is just not shared as much (from my experience in being in both).

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Hi I agree that there is not as much in Product, but there are more and more coming every year, here is a
Pinterest board where I’ve been collecting my Parametric and Generative Product Design examplea and Inspiration for the last 5 years.

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This is not true, considering classification societies for ships existed for centuries. It’s about who influenced GH development the most.

I’m talking about product design vs arch, in which case it is true. I know nothing about ships.

I totally agree with these point’s by @Michael_Pryor
Architecture sector is only one sector which openly says that they used GH in their designs so that you feel that it is the most popular/ Influenced sector. Sector’s like product design, jewelry design they don’t say even if they used GH because it’s not big deal to copy their new ideas. When comparing to Architecture you can easily copy these sector’s ideas easily and quickly. @ivelin.peychev

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So you mean in Architecture you cannot copy other people’s design?

You can and it happens often, however most advancements in arch happen as systems, which are meant for many to use (like facades) so it makes sense they would be shared. Also, arch doesn’t really have strong copyright laws over design.

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Yeah you can copy in architecture also. Let’s take Dame Zaha Hadid’s building as an example i can copy her style or some part of her building like facades as @Michael_Pryor said but how long it will take me or some other’s to bring that into reality. But in Product design/ Jewelry design doesn’t take that much time to replicate same type of work/design example: Dinara kasko she makes unique moulds for her pastry using Grasshopper+Rhino and 3ds max. She even posted video in that she shows that she used grasshopper for her moulds design. Now in YouTube there are many video available with title model Dinara kasko cake. @ivelin.peychev

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:smiley: omg. I’ll give this to my wife. :rofl:

Excuse my ignorance but Dame Zaha Hadid’s buildings look like someone created a nurbs planar surface, with n number of control points and started pulling the control points pseudo-randomly. Then gave it to some structural engineer, to struggle coming up with a support structure, to burn out with. :crazy_face: