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Soooo… I’ve finally started to look into GH, and is just messing around and learning as I fail. I’ve got a quick question, that I can’t seem to figure out: I’ve extruded a number of faces and now need to delete the one with the largest volume. I’ve figured out getting the volume with Area, sorting the list with Sort List and deleting the final entry with Cull Index, so now the list is right. How do I make the jump from correct list (the output of Cull Index) to actual geometry being deleted, since the output of Cull Index is just a list? I know this is extremely basic, but I’m really just getting started here!
TIA, Jakob
GH dummy (19.5 KB)

You are going in the right direction, but you have given the [Cull Index] a list of numbers (volumes) instead of a list of geometries (extrusions). What you need to do first is to have a new list of extrusions but sorted by volume, that you do by plugging your extrusions into the second (or other) input of the [Sort List]. Your second output will be the same extrusions but in a different order, just as your first output is the same volume list but ordered from lower to higher. In other words, the [Sort List] sorts everything from low to high using the first input as a reference. If you want to have the list from highest to lowest, then you have to reverse it around using [Reverse List] or its shortcut using the parameter option via right click. Then if you have it ordered from low to high and want to remove the high, you have to use the number N-1 index where N is the number of items in the list, or simply -1, in the [Cull Index] second input. If you have the list ordered from high to low, you can use 0 index.

Always put the cursor over the parameters to understand what data you have, or use a panel. Abuse this practice, trust me.

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Hi @Dani_Abalde
Ah, so simple! Thanks :smiley: