ggTesselation component not working with rhino.compute/ compute.geometry

ggTesselation component doesn’t work with Rhino.Compute/ does not return a value.
Compute returns with status 200: - [2021-02-03T12:52:04.3916424+01:00] “POST /grasshopper HTTP/1.1” 200

But the json result from the appserver is empty for the tesselation RH_OUTs:
response.txt (367 Bytes)

This is no general problem with rhino.compute, as I have successfully used it before.
Is this an issue with ggTesselation or rhino.compute?
Can someone confirm the issue?

[12:47:54 ERR] An exception occured while processing request
System.Exception: GH - Missing Definition Objects

Grasshopper file: (16.8 KB)
Rhino.Compute: Latest available version, commit id ff678d4d
Log file: log-geometry-20210203.txt (9.9 KB) 3

@fraguada - Could you please help with this?

@jonm is the developer. Maybe he can help.

I tried the same thing at the computer of a colleague additionally to reinstalling the Bullant plugin, but it didn’t help.
Just then it came to my mind that an error that started when I replaced Rhino 7 WIP with Rhino 7 (at least as far as I remember) is relevant for the issue:
2021-02-09 12_44_24-compute.geometry

Sorry for omitting this important information.
As suggested in the the error message, I am hereby contacting @jonm.

For context, most of the routines in Bullant were programmed 12 (or more) years ago.
At that time, rhino was a single document application and some of the code assumes that a rhino document is active to adopt it’s tolerances. I think this is the cause of the error (as in the context of Rhino compute, there can be no active document).

I’ve rebuilt the bullant plugin and removed this behaviour, and your script successfully runs on compute for me. Some of the components now have newer versions that accept a tolerance input. If you can please download bullant from the downloads page of

Let me know if you have problems still.



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Hello Jon,

thank you for your help!

The start of compute does not lead to an error anymore and the updated ggTesselation component works with rhino.compute as far as I can tell right now. There are no errors in the compute logs and all of the RH_OUTs contain data.

Thanks for your effort!

Regards Martin

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