ggRvt Swept Blend - Issues with Revit Output


Looking for some help with creating complex shapes in Revit using GeometryGym plugins for Grasshopper. In this case, trying to sweep a profile along an alignment, and using ggRvt Swept Blend. Output looks fine in Rhino, but is not fully brought into Revit (see images attached).

Any help would be much appreciated. I have attached the GH script as well.


Rhino Output Swept (17.3 KB)


Would be good to discuss this topic. We’ve been doing a lot of work for infrastructre openBIM this year.
It includes import of landXML, XTR and import/export of the IFC infrastructure extension.

This includes alignments, linear placement, sectioned solid sweeping etc.

Part of the problem with your sample script is that the directrix is a polyline with many points.
The work above can simplify the directrix based on transitions, linear segments etc.

Would be a good topic to discuss if you have any time (email me if you do).