ggIFC ReadFile- "brep" vs "data"

Hi, I have a question regarding the importation of IFC files in Grasshopper using ggIFC ReadFile component. I have imported my file and included IfcBeam and IfcColumn to my filter. When i display the “data” for the output and the “brep” for the output I get some different geometry. The data includes several elements that are not included in the breps. Does anyone know what the reasoning for this is?
Thank you in advance!

-Elise Munch-Ellingsen

Hi Elise,

Thanks for posting. It’s a bit hard to provide any specific advise based on your description though (nothing obvious that I recall).
Is it possible to please either email me the ifc file and gh script, or post here and I will review? An image showing observed difference might also be helpful.



Thank you for the reply!

In B_data you can see what I get though the data component and in B_breps you can see what I get though the brep component. In the photo beneath you can see the import of the file. Please let me know if you need anything else!