ggIFC Export text to IFC including Color of Surface

Is there a way to bring this to IFC?
Multiple Rhino texts and open surfaces with colors defined under materials.
The GeometryGym plugin doesn’t output the texts and the surfaces are rendered black.

These are aspects of the export I can easily add. Support of annotation text isn’t always available in viewers etc.

Colors at the moment are set as surface style from layer color. I can add an option for material to be the source.
If it’s possible to share a small sample 3dm file (privately if you don’t want to post to the forum) I’ll have a look at this ASAP.



Thanks Jon. Here is a small portion of the model for you to test out.
Shells.3dm (14.4 MB)

Thanks. I’ve pushed a plugin update. If you refer to this image, there is an option to source styling from material (instead of CAD layer or object properties). I also added an option to export text.
Seems the position of the text moves slightly, I will have to check the alignment. But it’s progress.

I’m not sure how many viewers support display of text, the first I found that worked was bimvision.
Mostly BIM viewers etc would expect this to be a property on the element with an emphasis on showing surfaces/bodies.

I’ll look at improvements when I get a chance.



Hi Jon,

I am cursious if you could provide some help how this could be achieved within Grasshopper e.g. from a colored mesh or from a list of RGB values?

Is this the way to go? (23.3 KB)