ggETABS model import

I am new to geometry gym. I would like to know how to assign frames to a certain storey in Grasshopper before importing to ETABS. I have already created building storeys in grasshopper using ggETABScreatebuildingstorey but when I import the model in ETABS using .ifc file, they don’t appear in the storey table.
Thank you in advance for your advice.


Is it possible to share a copy of your script if this doesn’t make sense?

If you are using the ggETABS plugin, you can directly transfer the model to Etabs using the ggBakeModel component as noted in this example.

140820 etabs test walls and (22.5 KB)

You shouldn’t need to use IFC in this situation. Can you clarify please?



Hey ,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Thank you for the example file. I tried double clicking on the ggetabsbakemodel component in the example file as indicated but unfortunately it doesn’t send it to ETABS. :(. Is there any setting on ETABS or on my computer that I need to do before double clicking the component? I have my ETABS window open too. I have attached my building storey creation file too.
Thanking you in (5.3 KB)


Which version of ETABS are you using?

ETABS 2016 Ultimate 16.2.0

As per our discussion, it seems that updating the plugin resolved the baking issue. I have updated the downloads page. If anyone else experiences this after updating, please let me know.