GFX information at level cut


Is there a setting that allows VisualARQ level cuts to show hatches on Rhino solid objects?

Is there a setting that allows VisualARQ to maintain “black hatches” when doors and stair infor is displayed?

If the Rhino solids are closed solids and they got hatches as section attributes, these hatches should appear when you cut the solid from a level cut or a VisualARQ section line.
If this is not working as expected, please share the file here or send it to and we will take a look.

Please share the file so we can take a look at this issue.

I made a video where you can see the hatches changing when I show doors and stair info…

Hi Raymond,
I see what happens. You are activating the “plan view reference” of the “Level 01”, which shows a plan view of that level projected on your current’s level, which is also the Level 01. This “plan view reference” icon is meant to be used for seeing other level’s plan view projected on the current CPlane. And they are displayed with gray color (same color as locked objects), because you cannot edit it.

You need to enable the Plan View icon, in the level’s manager toolbar, to see the current level in plan view representation: