Getting the Radius of Planar Curves?

Getting the moniker arc or arc-like curve seems like an exclusive club. These planar curves look like arcs, and taste like arcs, they are Offset on/from Srf from geodesic curves on a sphere. How can I accurately measure the new diameters though? Deconstruct Arc won’t take them. Is plugging the start/middle/end points into an Arc 3Pt and taking that radius my best bet? (10.0 KB)

You could use Curvature but, as you can see, the results are not consistent… (16.8 KB)

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You can use Arc 3points (16.7 KB)


See attached (and play with tolerance … too small and you’ll get bananas) (18.6 KB)

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Thanks, those are great. It’s nice to see confirmation that it’s accurate.