Getting text to map onto a cone. Is Rhino the right tool?

I have a cone shaped graphic and I need to map text on to it so that the text takes on the shape of the cone. I need to be very precise with the spacing of the individual characters so the control of kerning / letter spacing is important.

I have used the Flow Along Surface tool to achieve this, but I find it is quite limited. For example, there doesn’t appear to be any way to kern text and editing is a hassle. Is there another tool in Rhino that would be more appropriate than Flow Along Surface? If not, what program should I be using to do this… a rendering program?

Any help would be appreciated.

This might be useful:

It’s a bit more complicated with a cone.
Perhaps making a History enabled copy of the text before you apply it would make it easier to scale it to deal with the cone tip distortion.

Hi Johannes- see if the attached file helps at all.

FlowText.3dm (304.7 KB)


Hi Pascal.

This is great and worked very well. Thanks very much.

Thanks for the link.