Getting Tabular Point Data for Polylines and Curves

New user.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking for this… hopefully it’s just difficulty finding the right search keywords.

I have some polylines and curves. I’d like to see the actual list of points as text. I can’t find anything obvious except the “Details” button on Properties:Object, which is verbose and also omits most of the points:
“Open polyline with 41 points.
(7.08769,9.41534,0), (7.08769,8.95175,0), …, (-17.5297,5.28406,0)
domain = 0 to 40”

Right click, view, edit… can’t find it. Curve menu, ditto. Searching for it in the forums or Google seems to lock onto the graphical feature which makes the control points visible. I saw a few posts on how to get at it within grasshopper or plugin scripts but hopefully there’s a simple native view feature.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Nathan - use the List command for this.


Fantastic, thank you!

For the record, after selecting a polyline and running List, output is
“…ON_PolylineCurve: domain = [0,40]
point[ 0] = (7.0876864033665532, 9.4153401716849139, 0), 0
point[ 1] = (7.0876864033665532, 8.9517504280951741, 0), 1

Yeah, the last number is the curve parameter - that may or may not correspond to the length of the polyline at that location - Reparameterize > Automatic will set that to correspond.