Getting Started

hello everyone
My name is Otto and I just sighned up for the eval Rhino 6 version.
I am new at Cad, so I was very excited to find that I could get a Eval copy
and learn as much as I could before it runs out. I signed up for Galin’s Course
on Udemy. Going thru video’s I come to the training excercise’s., for week 1.
Not to sure if I can download it to the Program (Rhino 6) and do the exercises or
not. I did what the instruction stated by opening the file, however it was not found
in my version. If some one out there has experience downloading this excercise
files It would be greatly appreciated.
thanks One and all

can you post the link to the file or upload it here to try?

Downlink (
Its free, just put in 0$
which I tried. It didn’t seem to work.
Can I drag download directly into file window on Rhino 6.???
thanks for trying to help , Diego.

there are not even one Rhino file there, all are images and pdf files

inside the zip file are the training manuals level 1 and 2, insie there you have the exercises, unzip first then open them with Rhino.

thank you, I will try this.