Getting started demo (rhino for mac) from June 29th-


Just now I see in vimeo but sir without posting related image file used as the base then how could someone can follow up ur tutorial. This one, fish one etc… @theoutside

My goal is to have you design and build your own designs- I’m trying to show how and encourage people to design in Rhino, not just be a modeler…

Also…It’s a pretty scrubby sketch, but if you want it… well then I’m happy to share :wink:

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Indeed I totally agree with you. I myself an intermediate user. For me your logic is totally OK. But even audiences will be different type. Newbies, intermediate, pro. So whenever newbie watches this he tries to do wat the tutor does. So there it will be definitely a great help (related files). That’s wat I’m trying say sir.

Thank you.