Getting snapping to work

I’m using Rhino Version 4.0 SR9 running Windows 8. I’m still a novice user so I don’t know all the basics yet. I’m having trouble getting objects to snap. I have done this in the past without problem. I select several imported objects and drag a point so that it snaps to a point on an existing object. Now I can’t get any of those helper messages (End, Mid, Point, etc) to show that it is snapping. But if I try to draw a new object, that does snap and does give me the helper messages.

I’m attaching a couple screenshots that show my settings. So as an example in the picture, if I hover over a corner on the yellow box, I should see “End” and be able to click/drag that corner point. I should be able to drag over a corner of the black box, see “End”, and snap the yellow box to that point.
Can someone please tell me how to get my snap working again?

Some additional info: I’m running Windows on a Mac using VMWare Fusion. But that should not matter. As I said, I’ve done this before and it worked fine.

Thanks for your help.

As far as I remember, that feature (snapping to points on selected existing objects for dragging) was only added in V5, so maybe that was where you saw it. You also need to click the LMB and not “hover”. In V4, object snaps are only active inside a command, so you will have to use the “Move” command to have “from” snaps.



In V4 snapping works works only if you select, and drag all the control points of the box.

Oh how stupid can I be??
I totally forgot I have to type in “Move” in order for it to work! (I haven’t used Rhino for a while.)

Aarrgghhh, command-line interface is so last century.

Thanks so much for your help, Mitch.