Getting point corresponding between mesh and sphere parametisation

I got a closed 3D mesh with genus 0

I like to do two thinks in python:

  1. Get the spherical mapping of the mesh, just like "“Apply spherical Mapping” in the properties tab
  2. Get the point coronsponding between the mesh and the sphere. Somthing like: If I pick this point on the sphere what could it be on the mesh

Hi Kasper

You will need to reconstruct the sphere based on the uv coordinates on the mesh.
I would try the approach of finding spherically opposite uv coordinates within the mesh.
Best would be to find exact matches but I suspect you’ll need to interpolate the coordinates on a mesh face.
If you generate enough pairs that have good spread you can construct a centerpoint by analysing the lines connecting the pairs.

Another or additional approach would be to contruct planes through u.v. coordinates that should ly in the same plane.