Getting normal of 3D populated points

Hi there,
I am experiencing a problem with getting the normal of points i populated on a brep. I tried using Brep Closest Point and Evaluate Surface. But Brep Closest points creates points on the lines of my brep and Evaluate Surface creates about invinite points everywhere and i would love to have the normal of just the points i populated so i can place planes around these in the right angles. Does anybody have an idea how i can fix this? Thanks in advance!!

here is my script if you want to take a look.
gaatjes (2.4 MB)

Hi @Puk_van_Dijk

It looks like your main problem is using Populate3d (which fills a volume with points) instead of Populate Geometry:

Thanks! Only I tried the populate geometry with the brep closest point and this is the result… Any other ideas?

Looks like you have a data tree mismatch, but it’s hard to guess exactly the problem without seeing your updated definition.
I notice you’re exploding the Brep into faces - you could skip that step and use the Brep directly.

If you insist on using faces, you will need a unique seed value for each face or they will all be the same.