Getting Looping Using Anemone to Work in order to create a notched, reciprocal roof

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a definition that takes all the members of a reciprocal roof and does a Boolean split (or diff) with the previous or next member in the list using the Anemone loop commands. I have not succeeded so far. Can anyone help?



p.s. See screenshot and files below…

reciprocal_roof_test.3dm (551.5 KB)
reciprocal roof clipping (15.8 KB)

if you want make union why you need loop?

I want to make a difference or a notch in each strut using the neighbouring strut, not a union… If there’s a way to do this without making a loop, then I would like to know also…


create what you want and apply polar array to the new shape

But the shape I want is dependent on the angle and orientation of the already polar arrayed objects, hence why I need to do the Boolean difference after having created the polar array.

in your definition you have 10 objects if you want change the number that’s easy and polar array the new shape again
you can use rotation with chosen center and split than polar array based on the rotation angle

Thank you, I got it now! Will do that!

Nevertheless, if anyone wants to explain how to use looping I would still love to learn that.



This could be a way without looping

Not sure to understand why simple shape are Brep with so many faces !
reciprocal roof clipping example (7.8 KB)

roof (16.0 KB)

you can change the number

roof (17.1 KB)