Getting Intersection Point of Triangle


Is that possible to get a right angle triangle by just using two point. What previously I did was rotating line 90 degrees to form intersection. Is there any other solutions to do such.?

Note: Intersection point must be along that path

can u show one with label description, i m new to grasshopper. Also, what is point of vector direction?

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pt0 and pt1 are your start points.
vector is what you describe as a path. I connect Pt0 & the 3rd point to build the vector.

RightAngleFromTwoPoints& (10.8 KB)

Another method would be to fit a circle using pt0 and pt1 as it’s diameter, and any point on the circle forms a right angle to pt0 and pt1


Can u show me how? My mind is frozen with vector and trigo

The challenge is this line will be a perpendicular of the box, meeting top and bottom edge. This box was tilted too

what is the path in green curve?

that’s the path you need the intersection point to be on

The issue is i dont know the path, i want GH to find the 90 degrees right angle in a circle boundary

if you don’t have a path, then there are infinite many solutions. With only two points, there’s not enough constrains to get a unique solution. Does that make sense?

The solution from guido has a point to determine the path as well