Getting a silhouette into Layout Space

Attempting to get silhouettes - which are detail view window specific - out of model space where they appear in every other detail window unless they (or their layers) have been specifically hidden.

Shown in blue for clarity is the result of running Silhouette on objects in a detail window. Pretty good thick lines on every 'cutting" edge.

But they now show up unwanted in every other detail window.

The only remedy I can see for this is hiding every silhouette layer or line in every detail window except the ones they’re generated for. Unfeasibly labour intensive on a multi-windowed, multi-paged project.

So I look to get silhouettes, as coplanar vector lines, into layout space where I can put them only where they’re required.

ChangeSpace (below) brings silhouettes into Layout space for editing, but it includes all hidden lines. Unfeasibly labour intensive to remove.

Make2d (below) generates coplanar lines I can copy, paste into Layout space (and scale), but it only puts a silhouette around the entire collection of objects. (even if the Silhouette-generated lines are included in Make2d’s selection set.)

Suggestions welcome.

Silhouette just creates curves, so they can´t be detail view specific as far as I can see. You could put the silhouette on a specific layer as you described. Then turn this layer on only in the detail view the silhouette is intended for → right-click on the layer with the detail view active and click layer on in this detail only - this should facilitate the thing a bit…

That’s it!! I’ve never seen that item. Thanks a million David.

Dear @djhg
you can also copy paste between model and layout space.
draw or create something in model-space (standard viewports) and copy paste it to layout space, put it on separte layers…

if your problem is solved, mark Davids answer as solution. -tom

Copying from modelspace into layout space can only bring in either unusable “silhouettes” without Hidden Line Removal, or Make2d’s incomplete silhouettes on Make2ds silhouette layer (both shown on my OP.) Thanks anyway.

Btw. another way of bringing objects from model to layout space, besides copypaste, is the command ChangeSpace.
In a Detail view, select the curves (or any object actually), run the command, and leave the Detail again. The curves will be in Layout space now (removed from Model space), and have the exact same size like in the Detail.

Thanks Eug, but the results of that are identified in my OP. Changespace is great for dimensions, but even from a detail window with hidden lines removed, changespace brings them all into layout space in a big tangle.

Ups, didn’t see that, sorry! (It was just meant as an alternative way of getting curves across into Layout, not as a Make2D replacement.)
Your original question seems to be answered (Layer On in this Detail only), but besides, after a little experimentation, it shows that it’s a tricky problem to extract decent hidden line vector graphics from the 3d scene.

Used ‘Intersect’, then ‘BringToFront’ on the intersection lines, then ‘Make2D’, then ‘ChangeSpace’.
Too difficult…