Getting a dialog asking for license

Just happened out of the blue. I was doing some rendering within Rhino and dialog pops up asking “do I Love Rhino?”? I put my license in and all was good for a minute. Then again put in license before saving. Anyone know what us going on? By the we Love my wife and child.—Mark

Is this version 5 or the WIP?


Sorry V5


Was this the exact text of the dialog???

If so, it sounds like a license-mining virus, not something McNeel would do, and should set off some serious alarms in our community.

Definitely… :worried:

Hi Mark - if you get this again, please take a screen shot of the dialog… the dialog itself may be a legit one, but I don’t know why you’re seeing it…



If I can get it to pop up again, I will send a snipping pic.