I am trying to select a direction originating on a curve. The direction can be oriented same as curve or reversed. The following code does only show the arrow in curve direction, but never reversed.

    private void AddExtension(Curve curve)
        using var pointGetter = new GetPoint();
        var reversed = new OptionToggle(false, "Forward", "Reversed");

        pointGetter.SetCommandPrompt("Extension point");
        pointGetter.Constrain(curve, false);
        pointGetter.EnableCurveSnapArrow(true, reversed.CurrentValue);
        pointGetter.AddOptionToggle("Reversed", ref reversed);

        var getResult = GetResult.NoResult;

        while (getResult != GetResult.Point)
            getResult = pointGetter.Get();
            if (getResult == GetResult.Option)
                pointGetter.EnableCurveSnapArrow(true, reversed.CurrentValue);
            else if (getResult == GetResult.Cancel)

Hi @bernd.barsuhn,

Yes I see this, thanks for reporting.

In the mean time, you can draw the direction arrow yourself in a GetPoint.OnDynamicDraw method you implement yourself.

– Dale