GetPoint AddConstructionPoints

Normally AddConsturctionPoints works. But when the flag Project is on. All the construction Points’s z -Values are zeroed. How can I prevent this. Thanks.

The only way to prevent this is to turn off osnap projection (temporarily):

bool bOsnapProjectionEnabled = RhinoApp().AppSettings().ProjectOsnaps();
RhinoApp().AppSettings().SetProjectOsnaps( bOsnapProjectionEnabled );

Thanks Dale looks promising. I have problem though, translating your Code to RhinoCommon. Can somebody help?

The flag is found under

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bool bOsnapProjectionEnabled = Rhino.ApplicationSettings.ModelAidSettings.ProjectSnapToCPlane;
GetPoint gp = new GetPoint();
Rhino.ApplicationSettings.ModelAidSettings.ProjectSnapToCPlane = bOsnapProjectionEnabled;