GetObject() subobject's Point() not working

Hi there,

I just encountered a strange problem.
When I use the following code in Rhino7 everything works fine:
By pressing Shift + CTRL I am able to select a point in a block and I get back the PointObject.
I simply need to extract it’s Location and I got what I wanted.

point = rs.GetObject(filter=1, subobjects=True)

Though doing this in Rhino8 my result is:

ObjRef is not callable.
I did not find any changes in the documentation, so what may my poblem be?


I believe some of these problems have been fixed very recently. Do you have the latest version of Rhino 8?

Version 8 SR7
(8.7.24101.10001, 2024-04-10)
Rhino says it is up to date.

Hi @tobias.stoltmann,

Can you post a file?


– Dale

@dale @Alain
I found my mistake.
The block was contained in a group.
So it was nested in two levels. Ungrouping solved the problem.

@dale @alain
I believe this topic is worth deleting, what do you think?