GetECStoWCSXform() in ON6

For ON5 I had used GetECStoWCSXform() to compute the object transform for a ON_TextEntity(). In the equivalent implementation of ON_Text in ON6, what is the proper way to compute the final object transform for the text annotation? This is not something I had wanted to second guess based on what I was seeing in the Rhino UI for the text item.

@lowell - Can you help with this?

The ECStoWCS xform transforms from the annotation object’s plane to the World XY plane.
It will transform 2d points in the annotation object to world coordinates.

A function like this would still do that :

// Converts 2d points in annotation to 3d WCS points
bool GetECStoWCSXform(ON_Annotation& obj,  ON_Xform& xform ) const
  ON_3dVector z = ON_CrossProduct( obj.m_plane.xaxis, obj.m_plane.yaxis );
  return xform.ChangeBasis( 
          obj.m_plane.origin, obj.m_plane.xaxis, obj.m_plane.yaxis, z,
          ON_3dPoint::Origin, ON_3dVector::XAxis, ON_3dVector::YAxis, ON_3dVector::ZAxis );