GetDimRadial linker error


i want to use the Rhino function GetDimRadial which is defined in rhinoSdkGetDimRadial.h
the problem is, the linker cannot find this function and ends with unresolved symbols.
Is there another function i can use which has the same functionality?

BTW i use Rhino SR9 and Rhino SDK SR9.

GetDimRadial is not decorated with a RHINO_SDK_FUNCTION macro. Thus, the function is not exported for usage in the SDK, which it should be. I’ve created an issue for this.

Ok, not so good, because i need this function now. :fearful:

Do you have any workaround? Some code snippet to rebuild this function …

Any help would be appreciated.

If exported, the GetDimRadial function would have let the user interactively define a radial dimension - just like running the DimRadius command. If this is all you need, then just script this command.

Or are you just looking to create a radial dimension thru code?

No, i really need the function to generate interactively a radial dimension.

i tried already to implement it with a script, but with this i have some problems. So i’m searching for a better c++ SDK way.

This should work for you.

Let me know if you find otherwise.

thank you very much dale, it’s exactly what i need.