GetBoolean in OSX rhinoPython


I’ve noticed a weirdness with the OSX implementation of GetBoolean.

If you have only one item in the itemlist it doesn’t seem to show at all, but it works fine with more than one item in the list.

For example:

srchType = rs.GetBoolean( "Options",  ("Full_Search", "Off", "On"), (True) )
print str( srchType )

Doesn’t work :frowning:


   items = ("Include_Bells", "Off", "On"), ("Whistles", "Off", "On")
   srchType = rs.GetBoolean( "Options", items, (True, False) )
   print str( srchType )

Works fine. :thumbsup:

Not really a deal breaker, but perhaps it should go on a list…


Hi Peter,

That has been fixed in the code and hasn’t made its way to the mac yet so it should work fine next time a new IronPython plug-in is released on osx.

Thanks Alain,

One more question:
will that IronPython update come through rhino/mcneel, or should I be looking for it separately?


It’ll be in the usual spot:

We’ll make an announcement here but eventually the latest plug-in will accompany every release of mac Rhino.