Get Windows.Forms.Form from RhinoApplication

I try to add this to my plugin:

to get feedback after a longtime function is finished. But therefore i need a windowsform to execute the flashing.

Are there any way to get this from the rhino main application or is this the completely wrong way to achieve this.

It isnt important to be platform independent but if someone have a hint to get this working on windows and mac input is welcome.

Im also open for any other way to get a notification with is not to annoying but also not to easy to ignore.

Rhino itself is not a winforms application. It is an MFC application.

Thanks i understand but saddly i dont find any simlilary function for mfc-application. Do somebody have a idea how to get a nice notification with rhino if the programm isnt focused?

RhinoApp.MainWindowHandle() will give you the HWND that is needed for pInvoking into that native win32 function.