Get the proper loft with fixing seams using grasshopper

I have tried almost every way to fix the loft I need within fixes all the seams by provided solutions others offered for the same problem! I have checked my start points of the curves and they are aligned. Loft is working beautifully with Rhino itself, but when I try to make the loft with grasshopper it doesn’t work.
Will appreciate it if someone help me with this problem.hand splint (51.0 KB)
loft problem.3dm (1.7 MB)

Where is the problem ?

You can use this

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Thanks a million, I dunno what was the problem but its working with you way. thanks again

It will be great if we can add “align curve”, just like in Rhino interface.

It is available



If I need to specify the align curves, I will need to use “Sweep2” if I am right?
Because this “Align sections” doesn’t accept inputs.

I don’t understand what you mean by don’t accept input?
Sweep2 is different

Ah, I wanted to say the “Align sections” of Loft node is only a check box, you can not specify which curves you want to use as the reference.
In rhino, we can do this

In Grasshopper you can use some tools to align and adjust curves like adjust seam, flip curves with one curve as guide.

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